About the city of gurgaon

Gurgaon is the city that is located at the Southwest of New Delhi in Northern India. It is well-known as a technology and financial hub. It is a newly developed city that is full of multinational corporations dealing with IT, finance, consulting and Real Estate. In short , it is a great city that offers growth opportunities to many youngsters. This city of the Indian state of Haryana is a part of National Capital Region of India. Having a look at this beautifully constructed city will make you feel the rapid development and growth of the city. The wide range of architecture and skyscrapers are recognised worldwide.

History of Gurgaon

Gurgaon was historically inhabited by the Hindu people, formed an extensive part of the population that mainly comprises Rajput of yaduvanshi or yadav clan. Later it was annexed by Babur, when Mughals conquered India. It was ruled by Babur for a considerable time bu was later ruled by British. The city has experienced many twists and turns as it was again acquired by Punjab after Independence. Finally, in the year 1966, it came under the administration of Haryana.

Gurgaon is now recognised as one of the most developed metropolitan city due to the enhancement in its economic and industrial development. It was initiated in the year 1970, when Maruti Suzuki India Limited , one of the biggest sellers of automobile in India established its pant. It was a time that marked the development era in Gurgaon. Since then, the constant developments in Gurgaon added the city among NCR(National Capital Region).

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